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The Compact was formalized following the 2009 Southeast Florida Climate Leadership Summit, when elected officials came together to discuss challenges and strategies for responding to the impacts of climate change. The Compact outlines an ongoing collaborative effort among the Compact Counties to foster sustainability and climate resilience at a regional scale.

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“Five years ago, local leaders down here, Republicans and Democrats, formed the bipartisan Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact — an agreement to work together to fight climate change. And it’s become a model not just for the country, but for the world. ”

– President Barack Obama

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Photo credit: Lance Asper https://unsplash.com/search/photos/lauderdale?photo=JACmbnRPCu4

Flooding leads Fort Lauderdale to consider higher fees

Fort Lauderdale has increasingly suffered from flooding, leading to a proposal that would double what city property owners pay in stormwater fees.

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Source: The Economist https://goo.gl/XVVf1e

South Florida tries to hold back the sea

Responses to sea level rise—both by the public and by local government—vary across Florida, but residents and government officials statewide have a lot to gain from thinking proactively about property ownership.

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Photo credit: Susan Smith https://www.flickr.com/photos/cellphonesusie/16404034897/in/photolist-riMwVM-qZyY4T-riMwZ4-qn7XVR-r2t552-BgPcMs-BgNUc7-BgWn4P-BEJ1hk-CfSeg1-im9CVf-BgJvxh-D3P2iG-C4DHQA-AwKsVA-K65WS-AboMFv-LSB4o-zSkgPY-LSB45-LSCmQ-AdH2Mk-APn47k-AboUko-LSB4f-AboUrL-D91yD4-LSB4d-zSkfzJ-LSB3U

As sea waters rise Miami begins elevated development

Many of the most aggressive ideas for combating sea level rise in the U.S. are coming from Miami and Miami Beach, where elevation—raising roads, sea walls, and buildings—is the most sought-after solution.

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US Conference of Mayors meeting in @MiamiBeachNews this weekend gathers 250 mayors tackling local & national issues https://t.co/LWmf0tLUit

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Regional Climate Action Plan


Developed through an extensive stakeholder engagement process, the Compact Partner Counties are pleased to announce the release of the Regional Climate Action Plan, which contains 110 recommendations for a more resilient Southeast Florida. To download the Plan and supporting appendices, go to the Compact Documents page.

“County governments estimate that the damages could rise to billions or even trillions of dollars. In and around Miami, local officials are grappling head on with the problem.”

– Coral Davenport, New York Times, May 7, 2014

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