RCAP 1.0 screenshot

Revision Process:

The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP), a core commitment of the Compact, serves a fundamental role in coordinating efforts among local and regional governmental agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build climate resilience in Southeast Florida. The RCAP is a framework for concerted regional action rather than a set of directives for specific projects or programs at the local level, recognizing that decisions on the timing and approach are best determined by each local government. Every five years, the Compact updates the RCAP based on the experience of what has worked, what hasn’t, and what new issues require regional coordination and collaboration.

This year, the Compact is engaged in developing the second Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP 2.0) and seeks the views of local government staff, key stakeholders and partners, and members of the general public on the issues of foremost regional importance. By sharing your views, you can influence the future direction of Southeast Florida.

Next steps:

Late summer: The final public draft of RCAP 2.0 will be published on this website for a public comment period. Check back for more information on this last comment period, or sign up here to receive email updates.

December 14-15: The RCAP 2.0 will be released at the 9th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit in Ft. Lauderdale.

Please visit this page for updates.