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Past the Pledge

Congratulations! You’ve signed the pledge and taken the first step toward mitigating and adapting to climate change.


  1. Visit the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact website for information, Compact resources, and upcoming events.
  2. Sign up to receive the Compact Newsletter for resources, information, and opportunities.
  3. Contact Compact Staff Steering Committee Liaison Nancy Schneider ([email protected]) to review first steps, benefits of signing the pledge, and for referral to your Municipality Representative who will assist you locally.


  1. Assign a city coordinator, if your city doesn’t have a designated sustainability manager or designee, to implement the Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP).
  2. Appoint a resilience board, committee, or task force to help plan the implementation of the RCAP.
  3. Adopt the unified sea level rise projection from the Compact.
  4. Review the Regional Climate Action Plan Implementation Guide and determine which strategic initiatives:
  5. Have been completed.
    1. Document those successes.
    2. Can be integrated into your city’s plans: capital improvement plan, comprehensive plan, utility plan, public works plan, etc. (See Community Plan Checklist).
  6. Segment action items and responsibilities by departments.Begin plans for advancing recommendations!


  1. Provide your best practices (such as implementation or ordinance examples) to be highlighted on the Compact website or newsletter and shared with peer municipalities.
  2. Update county departments on your municipality’s successes.
  3. Contact Lauren Ordway ([email protected]) with updates on your actions. The Compact will in-turn update our database and highlight your community’s successes.


  1. Attend Compact workshops/webinars and other educational opportunities.
  2. Attend the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit.