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Evacuating millions is not an ‘effective or sustainable’ response to hurricane threats. Here’s a better plan

Read the full article here. A lack of planning for climate change, despite evidence of the risks and impacts, leaves people and economies vulnerable. When climate change isn’t considered in public spending, politicians are squandering taxpayer money and endangering constituents. Local leaders understand the challenges posed by climate change, and groups like the Southeast Florida […]

Florida governor has ignored climate change risks, critics say

Read the full article here. Despite all Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) was doing to ready Florida for Hurricane Irma, his administration has done little to prepare the state for the effects of climate change. According to local officials and academics, Governor Scott has shown little interest in funding adaptation and resilience projects, and has […]

Surging Seas Pose Extreme Threat to Florida

Read the full article. Spurred by a coastal development boom and a state government unwilling to talk about climate change, city and counties have strengthened their preparations for the consequences of climate change, which includes bigger storms. Despite disagreements about the science of climate change, hurricane preparation and recovery are two areas where Floridian government […]

Florida’s Leadership, Media Fall Short on Sea Level Rise

Read the full article. Florida state leadership has been criticized for doing little to prepare the state for stronger storms brought on by climate change and sea level rise. Major broadcasting networks have not mentioned climate change as a potential factor in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, two of the most destructive storms in recent years. […]

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's GOES satellite shows Hurricane Irma moving towards the Florida coast as a Category 4 storm (photo by NOAA GOES Project via Getty Images)

U of T’s landscape architecture expert on Hurricane Irma and flooding in South Florida

Read the full article here: Fadi Masoud, an assistant professor at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto, has been working alongside research labs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Broward County, looking into large-scale environmental issues and the role of planning policies and tools. In […]

New islands sprouting in the Lake Worth Lagoon?

Read the full article here: The Florida Department of Environmental Protection approved a Palm Beach County proposal to build islands on the west side of the Lake Worth Lagoon to provide bird and mangrove habitats and cleanse water. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is soliciting comment from other federal agencies and the public before […]

Miami Taxpayers Asked to Foot the Bill to Protect the City from Climate Change

Read the full article here: In November, city officials in Miami will ask voters to approve a $400 million general obligation bond. Under this proposal, new property taxes will pay for water pumping stations and drainage and sewer system upgrades, in addition to other improvements. Communities across the country are struggling to determine who will […]

Creating Community Resilience in Every City

Read the full article here: Local governments are taking action to build resilience in their communities. Cooper Martin of the National League of Cities explores some of the unique challenges and opportunities for cities addressing climate change. Smaller cities may lack resources and staff capacity. Cities of all sizes face obstacles in scaling their efforts, […]

Flooding in Miami is no longer news — but it’s certainly newsworthy

Read the full article here: Flooding in Miami and across the Gulf Coast is becoming more frequent because of rising seas and more intense weather events. As the world continues to warm, an abundance of scientific data suggests there will likely continue to be storms with more intense precipitation, a higher number of hotter days, […]

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