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Miami: MacArthur Causeway by Wally Gobetz

Does Miami-Dade’s 836 Expressway Proposal Fit Into The Regional Climate Plan?

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A road extension plan from Miami-Dade intends to provide traffic relief for some Miami-bound commuters, but opponents of the proposal say extending the state road beyond the county’s urban development is an outdated solution. Critics say the proposal is a departure by the county from its commitment to the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, which encourages proactive planning and emphasizes public transit, renewable energy, and limits to urban sprawl. County officials claim that using low- or no-emission vehicles on the road would fit within the Compact’s aims, and they say they would take steps to ensure the expressway extension would not spur development in the wetlands area outside the Everglades National Park.

Photo: Miami: MacArthur Causeway by Wally Gobetz
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