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17 Jan

Can she keep Miami Beach above the rising sea?

Susy Torriente, one of the Compact’s exceptional and dedicated partners, is featured in this OZY article on her work as a first responder to climate change. As assistant city manager and chief resiliency officer for the City of Miami Beach, Susy is leading a multiyear plan that will help the city withstand rising seas and […]

16 Jan

As Polar Ice Melts, So Should Polarization

Climate change has become a nonpartisan, localized issue. Chief Resilience Officer for Broward County Jennifer Jurado said, “This issue is larger than any of us individually.” The Compact was lifted up as a model that has helped set both the policy and tone for much of the adaptation work for Southeast Florida. With other nonpartisan […]

5 Dec

What Venice Can Teach American Cities

Venice, Italy has been flooding for decades. Over the past 20 years, Venice has quietly transformed itself and its surrounding lagoon into a laboratory. Technology and ecology projects still in the planning stages in the United States have been successfully realized here. American coastal cities have a lot to learn from them. This articles cites […]

3 Dec

Florida Cities, Counties Lead Climate Change Response

After late November’s release of the National Climate Assessment, Florida looked inward at the state’s response to climate change. In the absence of state and federal leadership on climate, local governments in Florida are planning for a future plagued by climate change and responding to impacts that have begun to affect the state. The nationally-recognized […]

12 Nov

Southeast Florida sea level rise compact a model for other regions

The Miami Herald’s Editorial Board celebrates the successful 10 years since the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact first began its ground-breaking collaboration. It credits the Compact with embracing the reality of climate change challenges and positioning the region for federal funding to develop climate solutions. Tampa Bay is now following the Southeast Florida’s Compact […]

6 Nov

Southeast Florida Leads On Addressing Climate Risk, Says Florida’s Head Of Environmental Protection

A coalition of Southeast Florida counties leads the state in responding to vulnerabilities caused by climate change and sea level rise. At the 10th Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit, officials and planners who represent the four Compact counties discussed the progress on issues linked to climate change. Noah Valenstein, the secretary of Florida’s Department […]

5 Nov

Climate Resiliency Can Save South Florida’s Future, but Only if Communities Take Action

The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact was praised for its 10 years of working together to face the challenges of climate change. The 10th Annual Climate Leadership Summit featured reflections from local government leaders on the urgency to develop climate solutions. This article shares Susy Torriente’s perspective on what resilience really means: the ability […]

31 Oct

Region’s business leaders must step up, take action on sea level rise

This editorial reflects on the 9th Annual Climate Leadership Summit, when business leaders came together to acknowledge the role they needed to play in addressing sea level rise challenges for the region. A year later, three major chambers of commerce are working to act and collaborate as a region. Read the full editorial here.

22 Oct

Florida business leaders call for more clean and renewable energy options in the state

Business leaders in Florida are advocating support for more investment and use of clean and renewable energy across the state. The new initiative, Clean Energy Florida, aims to promote awareness about the potential of clean and renewable energy to grow Florida’s economy and to protect the state’s renowned natural resources. Read the full article here.

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