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Post-Irma: What Does It Mean To Be A “Resilient” Community?

Read the full article here. At a post-Irma summit in South Florida, officials said the key to preparing the region for future storms goes beyond dealing with sea level rise—it requires addressing chronic issues like low wages, aging infrastructure, and high housing costs. Irma had serious consequences for vulnerable residents. People with limited incomes struggled […]

King tides wash away South Florida’s climate change skepticism

Read the full article here. Businesses in South Florida towns are taking steps to prepare for flooding even on days with no rain. Unless buildings are equipped for king tide flooding, they’re vulnerable to water damage. A recent assessment of sea level risk issued by Climate Central ranked the top 25 U.S. cities with the […]

Accepting the Challenge for Climate Action

Read the full article here. After the U.S. pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, nearly 2,600 cities, states, companies, and campuses pledged to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is part of a history of local action leading the way in the U.S. Nonprofits like the Institute for Sustainable Communities and local […]

Can cities get smarter about extreme weather?

Read the full article here. Outdated knowledge systems have exacerbated recent disasters and contributed to growing financial losses from extreme weather. Cities need new ways of knowing, evaluating, and anticipating risk by updating their information systems. Cities need to better anticipate what would happen in the case of these types of unprecedented extreme weather events. What’s […]

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