FSU Law Environmental Forum: The Psychology of Climate Change

Florida State University College of Law presents the Fall 2017 Environmental Forum

Friday, September 29, 2017  |  2 – 4 pm  |  Room 310

Reception to follow in the Rotunda

Free and open to the public–no registration required.

CLE-credit application pending
More information, including participant bios, is available online.

The Psychology of Climate Change:
Why Do People Believe What They Believe? 

Climate change and climate policy remain highly polarizing topics, and constructive exchanges of divergent points of view are extremely rare, making it taboo for casual conversation. Why is that, with its grounding in scientific facts? How can beliefs about scientific issues be so contentious, so personal, and so divisive?

This panel discussion will explore cutting-edge research on the psychology of climate change, and why people believe what they believe about climate change and policy. It is abundantly clear that a resort to scientific argument is largely ineffective. The psychology of climate change, for people of all range of beliefs, is dependent upon a variety of factors that are not highly dependent upon the state of climate science. Finally, this panel will discuss some political ramifications of the psychological dimensions of climate change, and explore paths forward in a political environment showing no signs of bipartisanship.

For those who cannot attend, the forum will be live streamed, and a video of the proceeding will also be available on the law school’s website.