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22 May 2017

Sea change: How the Dutch confront the rise of the oceans

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With more than 26% of the Netherlands below sea level, the Dutch have become water management experts, prepared to handle a 10,000-year storm. Learning to accommodate water has led to innovation and new approaches that Dutch engineers are sharing with […]

19 May 2017

Is climate change gentrification really happening in Miami?

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Sea level rise poses increasing risks to low-lying property in Southeast Florida. In Miami-Dade County, much of the higher ground lies along a geologic formation known as the coastal ridge, which elevates parts of neighborhoods like Liberty City and Little Haiti […]

15 May 2017

The tradeoffs of buying a house in Miami as sea levels rise

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Sea level rise and climate change pose new risks for millennials who want to buy their first home. Miami has some of the fastest-rising seas in the nation. But for some individuals, like Mario Alejandro Ariza, […]

12 May 2017

Miami Beach spends millions to hold back the sea

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Sea levels in South Florida could rise up to two feet over the next four decades, putting cities like Miami Beach at risk. Miami Beach is working on a multi-year multi-million-dollar program that includes a […]

8 May 2017

How Miami Beach is trying to save itself

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To respond to rising sea levels and worsening flooding, Miami Beach is embarking on the second stage of a $400-$500 million project to raise the city’s roads and install new pumps. The city began elevating roads in the southern part of […]

5 May 2017

The Nightmare Scenario for Florida’s Coastal Homeowners

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Rising insurance costs, reluctant lenders and skittish foreign buyers could hurt home prices along the South Florida coast even before sea level rise worsens. If property values start to fall, banks could stop writing 30-year mortgages for coastal homes, shrinking […]

5 May 2017

Vanishing ocean floor in the Florida Keys worsens risks from sea rise, study finds

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In a recent study published in the journal Biogeosciences, a team from the U.S. Geological Survey documented a dramatic erosion of the sea floor around coral reefs, ranging from a few inches to nearly three feet since the 1930s. Combined […]

5 May 2017

As sea levels rise in Miami Beach, raising homes and buildings may be next

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In Miami Beach, the city is raising its streets. For many property owners in the city, raising their homes and buildings may be the only way to protect against rising sea levels. Insurance rates are also rising, but raising buildings […]

5 May 2017

Facing rising sea levels and greater insurance risk, Southern Florida braces for relocations, new flood design standards, and more

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The rate of sea level rise and the frequency of extreme weather events has increased drastically in South Florida. Over the lifetime of a mortgage, flooding in South Florida could threaten tens of billions of dollars of real estate and […]

3 May 2017

The Five Scariest Climate Change Studies Affecting Miami

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Rising seas could turn 2.5 million Miamians into refugees—the most in the nation.
Climate change could create “superstorms” that could level the citycreate “superstorms” that could level the city.
The city’s bridges and causeways are particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels, which means Miami Beach […]