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3 Dec 2015

WLRN: South Florida Democrats Look To Get Beyond Partisan Climate Politics in Tallahassee

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The story that Gov. Rick Scott’s administration had banned the term “climate change” from state documents fueled national ridicule and environmentalist ire.

But ridiculing Republicans is no way to bring them on board to address the impacts of climate change, […]

2 Dec 2015

Miami Herald: At climate meeting, some rare good news in South Florida sea rise battle


It’s hard to avoid the doom and gloom of climate change.

But at the annual meeting of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact in Key West this week, local, state and federal officials offered some rare good news.

Around the region, they said, […]

1 Dec 2015

Miami Herald: Far from Paris, South Florida climate talks begin in Key West

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With President Barack Obama giving a nod to Miami, even a slightly exaggerated one, before world leaders in Paris, South Florida officials kicked off their own climate summit Tuesday in one of the region’s most vulnerable cities: […]

11 Nov 2015

Keys host this year’s Regional Climate Leadership Summit, officials from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach coming down

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Many of leading climate-change authorities from South Florida and across the nation head to Florida Keys — one of the nation’s most vulnerable areas to sea-level rise — in early December.

Up to 400 people are expected for the 2015 […]