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Natural Systems

Tree City USA

In 2008, the Village pursued a program that sought to increase the tree canopy within our community. The desire was to reduce the heat island affect, promote the greening of the Village, and improve the overall esthetic of the Village. The initiatives that were pursued resulted in the Village being designated a Tree City USA […]

Dune Management Program

The coastal dune system in Miami Beach is critical to maintaining a healthy and thriving shoreline. It also serves as the first line of defense against erosion, sea level rise, and storm surge. In order to maintain strong, stable dunes, the City has developed a comprehensive dune management program to foster and maintain a healthy, […]

Snook Islands Natural Area

Dredging, filling and bulkhead installation over the last 100 years has eliminated over 80% of living shorelines in the Lake Worth Lagoon (Lagoon) and much of its aquatic habitat. In an effort to enhance the shoreline and restore habitat adjacent to the Lake Worth Golf Course, Palm Beach County initiated the Snook Islands Natural Area […]

Pinecrest – The Green Action Plan

Our Green Action Plan is an initiative to promote and implement green practices throughout the Village. We have implemented several programs that provide guidelines for environmental sustainability, including the street tree program, the adopt-a-tree program, bringing pine trees back to Pinecrest program, landscape code changes for new developments, requirements that municipal buildings be constructed with […]