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I’m not on the EV charging websites, but the EV drivers I meet at Bankers Row from around South Florida who are tell me that the Delray EV charging stations are very popular.
Charles Whalen, Plug In Florida

The City of Delray Beach and Plug In Florida have partnered to implement six electric vehicle charging stations in the downtown area. Three stations have been installed to date and more are planned. Electric Vehicle drivers are able to charge at no cost. Usage has increased each year since installation in 2011. The monthly cost for electricity to stations has increases from $3 per month in 2011 to $60 per month in 2015. To put this in perspective, the electric cost for the overhead lighting in the public parking lot where the EV stations averages about $252 per month. During the peak of the 2015 tourist season, there was an average of 17 charging sessions per day. EV drivers appear to be choosing downtown Delray Beach to have a meal or shop because they can top off the battery in their electric vehicle.

Implementation Process

In an effort to meet the recommendations of the Green Task Force (May 2009) to promote Alternative Vehicles, City Staff began working with Plug In Florida, Inc., on various options to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations within the City of Delray Beach. During the discussions, Plug In Florida notified the City that they would be willing to donate the equipment and installation costs associated with this project to the City. As the discussions progressed, Plug In Florida committed to provide up to six (6) EV Charging Stations that would be located within the downtown area of the City. These charging stations would enhance the transportation opportunities within the downtown core, while contributing to a cleaner environment and promoting tourism to our community. According to the US Department of Energy, these charging stations were the first publicly installed stations by a municipality within Palm Beach County. A Donor Agreement was developed by the City Attorney’s Office and approved by the City Commission. It describes the project and recognizes the generous contribution that Plug In Florida provided to the City.

Implementation Timeline

The initiative we approved by the Green Implementation Advancement Board and the City Commission in April 2011. The charging stations were purchased and installed within 2 months of the agreement. The term of the agreement is 5 years.

Implementation Funding

Plug In Florida provided the funds for purchase and operation of the stations. The City funded the electrical work and concrete foundations for the stations.

Community Benefits

Through these stations the City of Delray Beach is leading by example. EV drivers recognize Delray Beach as an electric vehicle friendly community. New developments are following the City’s lead by voluntarily installing stations.


The Facts

Quick Facts & Statistics

  • EV Station usage has increased 425% since the summer of 2014.