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Author: Audrey Seaman

26 Sep

Announcing over $80 million in New Federal Investment and a Doubling of Participating Communities in the White House Smart Cities Initiative

  The White House Smart Cities Initiative announced an expansion to include over $80 million in new federal investments and the doubling of the number of participating cities and communities, exceeding 70 in total. Miami-Dade County and Broward County are partners of this Better Communities Alliance. Read the full story here: 

23 Sep

Matt Surrency: Cities Should Think Regionally

Read the full story from News Chief here: In this opinion piece, Matt Surrency, the former president of the Florida League of Cities, expresses support for cities to think regionally, rather than independently. He believes this collaboration could help Florida address two pressing issues: diminishing water resources and the infrastructure upgrades needed to maintain current […]

18 Aug

Can a single region in Florida show the state how to adapt to climate change?

Read the full story from The Conversation here: The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact exemplifies an innovative and effective way to create a culture of adaptation in a region already experiencing the effects of climate change. The Compact’s template of coordinated multi-regional climate action is one the U.S. could replicate in other regions.  

10 Aug

Union of Concerned Scientists: The US Military on the Front Lines of Rising Seas

July, 2016 Report Eighteen U.S. military installations are exposed to risks associated with sea level rise. The infrastructure, housing for personnel, and training and testing grounds at these installations are subject to increasing floods and loss of land. This analysis recommends that Congress and the Department of Defense allocate support and resources for adaptive measures […]

11 Dec

Southeast Florida Climate Indicators

  Sea Level Rise     Nuisance Flooding     Green House Gas Emissions     Saltwater Intrusion     Public Health/Heat Index     Severe Storms     Sea Surface Temp     Precipitation and Drought     Plant Hardiness Indicators of Climate Change The Earth’s climate and conditions are changing. For us here […]

10 Oct

King Tide News From Around the Region

Tiding From the King Tide TALK – The Nature Conservancy blog. The good news is that nature gives us a pretty big suite of options to add to our existing toolkit. New Pumps on Miami Beach Prevent Flooding Ahead of King Tide Miami News Station Channel 10. Investment in infrastructure proves itself during king tide.  Streets […]

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