Presenters: Chris Bergh, TNC and Greg Guannel, TNC

The TNC Coastal Resilience decision support system is a storm surge and sea level rise planning tool for local governments to access when needing a a visualization platform where ecological, social, and economic information can be viewed alongside sea level rise and storm surge scenarios in specific geographies. In addition, a modular, configurable plugin architecture allows specific geographies to have apps designed specifically for geo-processing and display. These cater to the needs of stakeholders, policies and planning processes. Apps are used to simplify complex relationships or models, convey a specific ecological or social concept, or used to compare different future condition scenarios.

This tool is part of a group of tools available for decision makers in planning for the impacts of storm surge and sea level rise on local infrastructure, natural systems and land areas, but most importantly, how sea level rise will affect your community’s residents, homeowners, businesses and assets.